Jennifer Cox
Originally from the rural southern Oregon coast, I grew up eating things like venison, garden tomatoes, stewed chicken with hand-cut noodles, and livestock with whom I'd previously been on a first-name basis. The only fast food within 40 miles was a Dairy Queen, and thanks to the influence of adventurous parents I as youngster gamely tried things like frog legs, escargot, cactus, turtle, goat, and even (gasp!) sushi.
I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and after stints in Eugene and Portland I relocated to Seattle in 1999. Whereas I had always enjoyed cooking and was a big fan of food in general, the Puget Sound area opened up my mind and palate to a seemingly endless range of cuisine options. As a longtime follower of our local restaurant scene and food writers, I am excited to explore the eateries of Edmonds! Aside from cooking and dining, my interests include film, travel, really basic gardening, and spending time with friends and family.
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