Where and When to Watch the Super Bowl in Kirkland? Check This Out!

The brothers Harbaugh -- coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens -- square off at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, with the game on CBS, channel 7.


The SuperBro Bowl kicks off at 3:30 p.m. PST Sunday -- for the first time ever the two coaches are brothers, of course -- and you can bet (odds favor San Francisco over Baltimore by 4) that a lot of televisions will be tuned to CBS, Channel 7 hereabouts.

But you want to share the rah-rah, bend your elbow with your favorite on-tap ale and maybe see the brothers Harbaugh (John is head coach of the Ravens and Jim of the 49ers) duke it out on a big screen? There are plenty of spots in Kirkland to do just that.

Here are some ideas:

--We’re hoping the new Lodge Sports Grille on Lake Street downtown is well-staffed, because we know it’s been a hit since opening last May and it’ll be jammed on Sunday. How could it not, with 56 taps and six big screens? (Sadly, however, none of the taps pour forth with Mr. Patch Editor’s favorite, Hales Cream Ale). So maybe I’ll check out:

--The venerable Wilde Rover just ‘round the corner on Central Way. It has a six-foot big screen and is always a happening place downtown -- plus it has Guiness on tap, as you might expect, and Boddington’s as well! Alas, however, no Hales Cream Ale. So what about:

--The Time Out Sports Bar across Central and just to the east? It’s a big, roomy place with plenty of TVs and good prices on drinks. It caters to a younger crowd, which is AOK, I used to be young! And back in the day I’d often hit:

--Hector’s, the perennially popular downtown restaurant on Lake Street, a Kirkland institution, once a hangout for Seahawks players and long a hangout for locals, particularly the bar. It’s offers a big screen in the back room. But outside of downtown there are plenty of spots as well, like:

--Lucky 7 Saloon, on NE 124th in the Totem Lake area. What I like about Lucky 7 is that it has lots of elbow room, lots of taps and TVs (including big screens), four pool tables and a couple sassy servers. Plus it’s planning a special on chili dogs and chili fries. What more could you want for Super Bowl XLVII?

--Sluggers, In the Kingsgate area, this is a traditional sports bars with plenty of viewing capacity -- and several new televisions, including a 100-incher.

Finally, a Kirkland Patch reader and mom emailed with a question earlier this week, asking where would be a good place to watch the game with kids? We posed the question to our Kirkland Patch Facebook friends, and the list included: The Game on 100th in Juanita, the Lucky 7 (kids are welcome on the restaurant side), Zeeks Pizza on Park Lane downtown, and Wingdome and Acropolis Pizza on Central Way.


Who did we forget? Please share your ideas for great Kirkland spots to watch the Super Bowl!

Greg Johnston February 03, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Reader emailed us this, another good spot: "One that should have been mentioned is Pub 85 located on 85th ST and approximately 129th Ave NE"


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