Site Says Former Mayor Mike Cooper One of the Worst Bosses of 2011

“It is the managers who are ultimately responsible for the work environment," says the founder of the Web site, citing Cooper's handling of the resignation of Kimberly Cole and the firing of Debi Humann.

A Web site called eBossWatch calls former Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper one of the 100 worst bosses in America.

In a news release, the site says it used a panel of workplace experts to rank the worst bosses from across the country. They put Cooper No. 53 on the list.

As its source, eBossWatch cited a copy of a news release published by My Edmonds News in which the attorney for Kimberly Cole, Cooper's former executive assistant, said his client's resignation was due to “hostile work environment created by certain employees in the City of Edmonds.”

Edmonds Patch  with the media in which she further shed light on her working conditions.

When contacted by Edmonds Patch for more detail, eBossWatch founder Asher Adelman released the following on Tuesday:

“I think there are several reasons why our panel felt that Cooper failed as a manager. First of all, he allowed a hostile work environment develop and fester for a long time until it reached the point where one of his employees feared for her personal safety, resigned, and then filed a hostile workplace lawsuit.

“Then when he finally decided to solve the problem—after it had reached crisis mode—he seems to have botched that as well. Cooper put one of his employees, who ultimately resigned, on paid administrative leave to ensure her personal safety, and . The was subsequently rejected by City Council, and .

“(Dave) Earling, Cooper's replacement, apparently hinted that Cooper might have retaliated against the employee who he fired, . It is the managers who are ultimately responsible for the work environment, and Cooper seems to have let his work environment deteriorate and spiral out of control until it became hostile and unbearable for some of his employees. A good manager would not have let this type of situation deteriorate for so long and to such an extent.”

Cooper, , said he believed what he did was the right thing to do and best for the city of Edmonds.

Ken Erstman December 21, 2011 at 06:19 PM
While I don't think that Cooper's actions are completely justified, I hardly think that one action ensures him the title of "one of the worst bosses in America". The problem I have with their decision is that they've relied on allegations and sensationalist news to determine how he is rated, which is, needless to say, extremely shady. Cooper's been doing a fairly good job as mayor, besides this issue, and I think that his previous record as mayor is being pushed aside for the sake of a news story. I don't know much about this Earling fellow, but his conduct during the campaign (repeatedly insulting the incumbent) does not inspire me as to the quality of character of our newly elected official. We'll see how this turns out, but I'm not holding my breath.
Adam Ehrlichman December 22, 2011 at 07:55 AM
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Talk about one sided, hit-piece journalism! Give this lawyer three paragraphs to make unsubstantiated claims after already lambasting the mayor, and then Mr Cooper gets one sentence to respond. I suppose this article's author is agreeing with the prevalent mood of the times, which means we all should check our perception of the circumstance. What would YOU do if two profiteering lawyers starting accusing you, mocking you, giving you one sentence to respond after they destroyed your credibility? What I want to know is, why didn't someone complain to HR in the midst of this all? Follow the money and you'll find people's true motivations.
Kris Adams December 22, 2011 at 08:37 AM
I haven’t followed this series of events closely enough to have formed an opinion either way, but one thing that disturbed me about this entire campaign season was the incredible amount of mudslinging that was going about. Cooper’s short time as mayor was pretty unremarkable, but he didn’t by any means deserve Mr. Earling’s accusations of leading a “rudderless” city government and being a lame-duck appointee. Never once did I see Cooper reply in kind to those harsh statements, which to me, says something good about him. These sort of attacks, warranted or not, do not reflect well on the person that’s delivering them, and really don’t give us any reason as to why the new guy would be any better if he sinks to that level of petty mocking. What ever happened to the respect that politicians were supposed to show to eachother and to the people?


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