Ron Wambolt Announces Edmonds Council Election Campaign

Wambolt said it a new release that he's excited to seek election to the position he previously held from 2006-2010.

Ron Wambolt announced that he will seek to reprise his role as Edmonds City Councilman (Pos. 3). Wambolt said in a news release that major issues for him are redevelopment in business districts and implementation of the city's strategic plan.

Wambolt will face Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, the incumbent in that position. Fraley-Monillas recently announced that she will seek re-election.

Following is the press release from Wambolt:

With our city dealing with a number of critical issues, coupled with the urging of a number of citizens who are personally well aware of my abilities, I have enthusiastically filed for re-election to the city council position, position 3, that I held from 2006 until 2010.  

It has been widely communicated that our city's expenses are projected to exceed revenues by the end of 2014; that situation must be quickly remedied to keep the city financially sound. We have spent considerable time and money developing a strategic plan for our city; now it needs to be appropriately implemented. 

There has been no redevelopment in our business district zones in the past 7 years; the Planning Board's recommendations to help fix this situation, made in August 2011, need to be dealt with in a more timely manner. I will use my extensive business career experience, as well as my 10 years working with our city on issues, to help move those and other issues forward. Since leaving city council I have continued serving as a member of a variety of city committees: The City Parking Committee, The Community Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC), and the Highway 99 Task Force. Additionally I am serving on the city's ad hoc committee studying the feasibility of a Metropolitan Park District.  

A few of the residents of Edmonds who Wambolt said support his re-election are: Mayor Dave Earling; former Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson;  Edmonds Councilmember Frank Yamamoto; former Edmonds Councilmember Jeff Wilson; former Edmonds Fire Chief Tom Tomberg; Darlene Stern, widow of former Police Chief David Stern; Dick Van Saun, retired Senior Vice-President Fluke Corporation; Bill Center, Rear Admiral USN (Ret); Jim Orvis, Captain USN (Ret)and Marla Miller, former Assistant Superintendent Edmonds School District.

Wambolt can be reached at votewambolt@msn.com


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