Police Sergeant Among Those Agreeing to Voluntary Separation

In addition to Mike Blackburn, those leaving City of Edmonds are Susan Johnson, Carl Nelson, Leonard Yarberry and Vivienne Myers.

The five City of Edmonds employees agreeing to a cash incentive for leaving the city's payroll include longtime Sgt. Mike Blackburn, who is currently the police department's public information officer.

Blackburn, whose last day is Dec. 31, earned a salary in 2012 of $105,942, with benefits of $34,052.

In July, Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling announced the start of the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program in response to the $1.1 million shortfall the City is facing and an effort to begin the 2013 budget process.

Nine employees applied for the program and six were accepted. After the initial acceptance, one member revoked his application. The savings for these five positions that will be eliminated is $575,491.

Others accepting separation agreements are:

  • Leonard Yarberry, Development Services Department building official ($99,215 in salary, $30,362 in benefits)
  • Carl Nelson, Finance Department chief information officer ($95,637 salary, $34,066 in benefits)
  • Vivienne Myers, Parks and Recreation Department office supervisor ($64,503 in salary, $24,954 in benefits)
  • Susan Johnson, Department of Public Works administrative assistant ($60,664 in salary, $26,096 in benefits)

The agreements will become official at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

The program's goal was to reduce the City’s overall salary costs by reducing the number full-time employee levels while minimizing the impact of services. Employees were offered incentives to voluntarily separate from employment, either through retirement or resignation.


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