Plane With 160 Passengers Makes Emergency Landing at Paine Field

Allegiant Air MD-80 had an engine out.

An Allegiant Air MD-80 carrying about 160 passengers made an emergency landing today at Paine Field Airport in Everett with one engine out.

Accoriding to Christopher Schwarzen, a spokesman for Snohomish County, the landing occurred without incident.

The Paine Field Fire Department responded with two foam trucks and a rescue truck, along with seven personnel, two of whom came in off duty. The Everett Fire Department also sent three engines, a ladder truck, two medic units and an aid unit. All said, there were about 30 personnel ready to assist any plane in trouble.

"This is what these women and men train for, and today's response shows that both are prepared for a disaster that of course we hope never comes," said Schwarzen.

"Just this past September, the Paine Field Fire Department and many other local fire departments once again completed their FAA-required disaster exercises, due every three years, for just such an event. Ongoing training is an essential part of Paine Field’s regimen.”


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