Letter to the Editor: Republican Platform Would Be New Direction for Washington

Letter writer pulls items from the Republican platform. Do you agree or not with it? Tell us in the comments.

To the editor:

Do we want a New Direction for Washington?

Privatize - Outsource - Deregulate

Abolish Obama care

Criminalize ALL abortions

Deny all rights to LGBT's

Reduce Social Security benefits

Abolish unemployment benefits and minimum wage

Reduce education funding and financial aid

Require photo ID for everyone

No collective bargaining for all public employees

Increase tax on earned income (wages & salaries)

Eliminate tax on unearned income (capital gains, dividends, etc)

Reduce corporate tax rate

End inheritance ("Death") tax

Restrict access to voting

Deregulate, allow industries to police themselves

Oppose legislation limiting capacity of clips or magazines for guns

Abstinence only sex education

The above are examples of the over 450 planks of the 19 pages of the 2012 Republican Platform.

The republicans want to retain excessive subsidies to big polluting oil companies and reject any subsidies for renewable clean green energy sources as proposed by Jay Inslee.  Subsiding renewable clean energy is picking winners and losers. Supporting big oil is good policy.  It generates contributions for the right wing agenda.

Read all of the Republican platform before casting your ballot.

Jim Adams 

Lake Forest Park 


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