Kimberly Cole Hires Law Firm to Address "Hostile Work Environment"

The former executive assistant to Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper will be making a statement soon.

Kimberly Cole, the former executive assistant to Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper, has hired legal representative through the firm of the Spencer Law Group in Seattle.

Here is a statement released by the Spencer Law Group:

“Kimberly Cole sought our services to address the hostile work environment created by certain employees of the City of Edmonds. Unfortunately, satisfactory resolution was not to be had, and Ms. Cole made the very personal decision to resign her position as executive assistant to the mayor of Edmonds on September 22, 2011. Throughout her public career, Ms. Cole has championed transparency in government. While she is currently unable to comment on the circumstances that led to her resignation, she is confident that the truth will become public in due course.”


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