FBI Agent Who Triggered Petraeus Investigation, Eventual Resignation Is A Steilacoom Native

The New York Times identified the agent as Frederick Humphries II, who has plenty of ties to the Northwest.

The FBI agent who pushed for an investigation that led to the eventual resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus is a South Sound product.

The New York Times published a story that revealed Frederick W. Humphries II, as the agent. The Seattle Times reported that he, among other things, spearheaded the investigation into millennium bomber Ahmed Ressam.

In a special report The Seattle Times published 10 years ago about Ressam, the newspaper dedicated an entire section on Humphries that included the following:

Humphries, 34, grew up in Steilacoom, Wash., went to high school in Canada and joined the U.S. Army. He climbed steadily through the ranks, but as a captain in military intelligence he feared he was on track to be a career pencil pusher. He decided to go back to school, winning a scholarship to the University of Tampa and studying criminology.

The Seattle Times also reports Humphries, 47, has a history of speaking up for things he believes in, including testifying about "harsh treatment" Ressam received from other agents.

The newspaper reports Humphries contacted U.S. Rep. David Reichert, about the FBI not investigating disturbing e-mails sent to a Tampa woman from Petraeus' mistress, biographer Paula Broadwell.

Reichert, an Auburn Republican, contacted House Majority Lead Eric Cantor, who brought it to the attention of the FBI's director, Robert Mueller.

Roberto November 15, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Would this information if it was revealed 30 days ago have affected the outcome of the presidential election the ? ?
Harborite November 15, 2012 at 03:16 PM
No...people are too dumb....and too afraid of losing their freebies :0)


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