Edmonds Begins Conversion of 17 Police Cars to Propane Fuel

The move will save the city $60,000 a year. “Innovation like this is key to the city’s future,” says Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling.

The City of Edmonds has finished the conversion of the first four of its police department patrol vehicles to the Prins Bi-Fuel Vapor Sequential Injective propane fuel system.

By upgrading to this new fuel system, the city’s fleet will achieve lower long-term fuel costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs, said Public Works director Phil Williams.

After completing conversion of 17 vehicles, it is estimated that the city will lower its fuel bills by $60,000 a year.

Additional vehicles, including work trucks, are likely be converted to propane as they are replaced, Williams said.

The city anticipates a 21-month payback period for its initial investment of $105,915 with a five-year internal rate of return of 70.7 percent.

The fuel supply contract with Blue Star Gas Company of Seattle guarantees a propane fuel price of $1.25 per gallon less than the Seattle street price for regular unleaded gasoline for two years and $1 per gallon less for the remainder of the contract term, which will renew automatically each year at the city’s discretion.

“This is a great step in the right direction towards improvingthe sustainability of our government operations and preserving our community’s environment,” says Mayor Earling. “Innovation like this is key to the city’s future.”

Abbie white December 28, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Very cool! Go Edmonds for becoming more green and sustainable!!!
Brian Soergel December 28, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Abby: I agree.


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