Former Edmonds Mayor, Congresswoman DelBene Talk Sequestration Cuts

Former Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper broadcast a podcast about sequestration. Congresswoman Suzan DelBene: Sequestration will cost us 750,000 jobs nationwide, affecting nearly 30,000 jobs in Washington state alone.

Former Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper is sounding off about political issues in a new podcast on Spreaker.com. At the top of his list of topics today is sequestration, and he goes into specifics about what will be cut in Washington by the "other Washington." On his list, Paine Field and local schools. Listen to the broadcast here.

Earlier today,  Congresswoman Suzan DelBene released the following statement Friday after Congressional leaders were unable to come together to prevent federal budget cuts known as sequestration: 

The failure of Congress to stop the across-the-board cuts caused by sequestration demonstrates how broken Washington, D.C. is. It’s extremely disappointing that partisanship and political posturing have prevented any good faith efforts from either side of the aisle to gain traction toward a bipartisan solution.

Sadly, the ones who will be most hurt by this failure of Congressional leadership are the American people and our economy.

Sequestration will cost us 750,000 jobs nationwide, affecting nearly 30,000 jobs in Washington state alone.

Over the last few months I’ve traveled throughout the 1st District, meeting with school officials, local businesses, seniors and families to discuss the direct and very real consequences of these cuts. These cuts will harm our education system, threatening the jobs of teachers and eliminating access to Head Start for over 1,000 children in Washington state. There will be damaging reductions in life-saving research and fewer resources for small businesses, hurting commerce and our local economy. 

It’s frustrating that partisan gridlock has allowed these irresponsible cuts to move forward. Every day we don’t have a solution with a long-term policy is another day we are hurting our economy. This is no way to govern.

Families and businesses need visibility to plan and budget for the future, not the brinksmanship that’s happening today in Congress.

We must come together with a bipartisan effort to find a long-term budget solution that reduces our deficit and grows our economy. This means a balanced, responsible plan that cuts wasteful spending and invests in the programs that help working families, create jobs and put our economy back on the right track.”

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Do you agree with DelBene's statement? Will these cuts affect you or your family? Tell us in comments.

Tere Ryder March 02, 2013 at 08:53 PM
this is not new news......We have needed to have a war on POVERTY and a war on JOBS long before now..........milllions and millions have been out of work long before now, and millions have had to vacate their homes LONG before now...........and by the way, our ranking in regards to education (I believe 17th in world) happened long before now. .......no secret about that. We are a country that now funds our children's education with money from casinos and gambling, alcohol and now in Washington state probably marijuana......THAT should tell us that something is gravely wrong. ......."consequences" have been going on for many years long before now.........We lost 3,000 by foreign terrorists 10 years ago and we continue to fight a supposed "war on terror"......The benefits of that " war on terror "is right here with poverty and job loss, rampant corruption here, the United States economy where it is right now, supposed no $$$ for our childrens schooling, etc. ad nauseum.........Perhaps we should be having real honest talks now. A civilized nation is one that takes care of its most vulnerable, and that would include our children and our wise elderly
Donald Williams March 03, 2013 at 04:05 PM
Obama message about Sequester http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yietmUdqJos


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