City of Edmonds Requests Your Presence at Strategic Plan Open House

"Share your views, concerns, priorities and ideas to help Edmonds move forward in a positive direction," says the City's Stephen Clifton.

What is Edmonds’ vision? What does the future hold? What does this have to do with you?

The City of Edmonds is asking for your help. By attending a community-wide open house on May 3, 2012 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Edmonds Library Plaza Meeting Room, you will be helping create a for the City of Edmonds.

Edmonds citizens and representatives of businesses and land owners, community organizations and elected officials have been collaborating to help set the course for the city over the coming years. This set of priorities and actions is being encompassed in a Strategic Plan that will ultimately be adopted by the City Council to set budget and action priorities for the next decade.

Think of this as a roadmap establishing city priorities and actions to address pressing community needs, how your tax dollars will be spent, and what can be done to move Edmonds forward.

The open is a critical step in the process. Many ideas and opinions have been gathered over the past several months, but the open house is where it all comes together in one place at one time.

You can find out what they city has learned from adult, youth, business, employee and customer surveys, as well as during focus group meetings, interviews, and two community brainstorming sessions.

Draft proposed themes, priorities, actions, and performance measures developed through this process are now ready for review and comment.

A community-wide Internet based survey will follow the open house.

"We’re asking that you lend your time—and your voice—to this effort," says Stephen Clifton, Community Services/Economic Development director. "Share your views, concerns, priorities and ideas to help Edmonds move forward in a positive direction."

If you have questions or would like more information, call Clifton at 425-771-0251 or Cindi Cruz at 425-775-7724; you can also send an e-mail to


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