Buckshnis and Petso Declared Winners, Will Be Sworn in With New Mayor

Positions for Edmonds Mayor and City Council are now set.

The City of Edmonds has declared City Council incumbents Diane Buckshnis and Lora Petso winners of their respective elections.

As of Friday, the last time election results were released, Buckshnis held a 153-vote lead over challenger Bob Wilcox for positon No. 4, with 7,474 votes to 7,321 (50.31 percent-49.28 percent).

Petso has a 118-vote lead over challenger Darlene Stern in the race for position No. 7 (50.25 percent-49.41 percent).

There are less than 500 ballots to count, and there must be a difference of 0.5 percent of the vote to trigger a recount. Both Buckshnis and Petso's numbers are above that threshold and are not expected to change.

In fact, the City of Edmonds today announced that a swearing-in ceremony is scheduled on  Nov. 29 at 4:00 p.m. for Mayor-elect Dave Earling and both  Buckshnis and Petso.

The ceremony will take place in the Edmonds Plaza Room located above the Edmonds Library at 650 Main Street. 

Earling, Buckshnis and Petso are being sworn in because incumbent Mayor Mike Cooper, Buckshnis and Petso were all appointed to their postions—Cooper with the departure of Mayor Gary Haakenson, Buckshnis with the death of Peggy Pritchard Olson and Petso with the resignation of Dave Orvis.

Washington law requires appointed candidates who win their subsequent elections be sworn in when election results are certified, which is Nov. 29.

Joan Bloom, who won council seat No. 5 over incumbent D.J. Wilson, and Frank Yamamoto, who won against Alvin Rutlege for position No. 6 after incumbent Steve Bernheim decided not to run for re-election, will be sworn in at the beginning of the new year.

The new version of the Edmonds City Council is now set:

  • Postion No. 1: Michael Plunkett
  • Postion No. 2: Strom Peterson (president)
  • Postion No. 3: Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
  • Postion No. 4: Dianne Buckshnis
  • Postion No. 5: Joan Bloom
  • Postion No. 6: Frank Yamamoto
  • Postion No. 7: Lora Petso

Retired Judge Joseph A. Thibodeau will administer the oath of office to the newly elected officials. A reception will follow the ceremony.

The public is invited.


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