Bob Wilcox Not Running for Council Seat; Applications Due April 27

Wilcox supports Darlene Stern, Ron Wambolt and Harry Gatjens.

The resignation of Edmonds City Councilman Michael Plunkett on June 4 means that the council will get a new member whose terms run through 2013, when Plunkett's Position No. 1 term expires.

One person who apparently won't be seeking the seat is , who in November challenged incumbent Diane Buckshnis for Position No. 4 and lost.

"At this point, no, I will not be asking the council to appoint me to the vacant seat," said Wilcox, the former owner and president of in Edmonds who retired in April 2010.

Wilcox is throwing his support behind three potential candidates: Darlene Stern, who lost in November to incumbent Lora Petso; Ron Wambolt, a former member of the City Council; and Harry Gatjens, who was among a large group applying for a vacant seat on the council in 2010 after David Orvis resigned. The position was given to Petso.

Here is a statement from Wilcox:

I have been asked to apply for the upcoming open seat and have considered it. I have been told that if I don't submit my name, no one will consider my run as legitimate. I don't agree. When I ran for council, I ran against Diane Buckshnis. Those whom have submitted their names, or I hope will soon, Darlene Stern, Ron Wambolt and Harry Gatjens, would be excellent choices.

I share the same values in think along the same lines as they do. Any one of them would be an excellent addition to the council and would add much needed balance. I choose not to go head to head against any of them as I feel it would be counterproductive.

I offer them my full support and sincerely hope the council shows the wisdom to select any one of the three. To choose outside of that group would be telling and politics as usual. Edmonds deserves the absolute best.

Plunkett's position will be filled by a vote from the council. The deadline for submitting applications is April 27 at 4:30 p.m. Interviews begin May 22, and Plunkett's replacement will be announced during the June 5 council meeting.


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