Adopt a Flower Basket in Edmonds

This is the second year Edmonds is offering the sponsorship program to support its Flower Program.

You can help brighten Edmonds streets this summer by adopting one of the flower baskets that will adorn the streets beginning in June.

So far 73 of Edmonds' 138 summer flower baskets have been adopted, in the second year of the sponsorship program, said Renée McRae, the city's Recreation Manager.

If all 138 baskets are adopted, at $100 a basket, the $13,800 will help offset the cost of the program, but McRae said the funds represent just a fraction of the cost of the program.

Donors select the basket location and the City plants the baskets with assistance from the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club.  Once the baskets are placed in June, the City will mark the basket with the donor’s information.

The Flower Program enhances the aesthetic appeal of the City.  Staff maintains 162 individual flower beds in 36 locations throughout the City and 138 flower baskets.

Adopt-A-Flower Basket information and forms can be found on the City’s website, at City Hall and the Frances Anderson Center.




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