Map Shows Where City of Edmonds Grant Money Is Going

City of Edmonds staff excel in competing for grants, says Stephen Clifton, Edmonds' director of community services and economic development.

The following was written by Stephen Clifton, Edmonds' director of community services and economic development.

I recently wrote an article about grant programs, many of which typically have more applicants than funds available, making competition between organizations high.

As a result, many strong applications fail to receive funding. This being said, over the past few years, City of Edmonds staff have been quite successful in securing both state and federal grants to help fund a variety of projects throughout the city.

I asked David Rohde, Geographic Information System analyst, to prepare a map depicting locations tied to projects that recently have been or are being funded either fully, or in part, by grants.

Locations of the following projects can be found on the attached map:

  1. Historic Preservation - Preserve America grant in the amount of $24,000 for a matching grant to implement artist-made interpretive signage to identify sites of historic interest downtown, and another $7,500 State Certified Local Government grant for a citywide historic sites survey.
  2. 228th and Highway 99 (228th St. SW Corridor Improvements) - $536,000 Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Program Grant for design and right of way acquisition to improve access and safety at the intersection. $4,233,000 FHWA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant for additional design and ROW acquisition costs, as well as complete construction.
  3. Main Street - $725,000 FHWA enhancements grant and $500,000 state appropriation for design and reconstruction of Main Street (between Fifth and Sixth streets).
  4. Five Corners – $2,399,000 FHWA Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for design of a roundabout, right-of-way acquisition and construction.
  5. Highway 99 (Phase 1 and 2) - $289,000 FHWA Enhancements grant for International District illumination enhancements along Highway 99 from 230th St. SW to 220th St. SW (This is an additional allocation to the original $373,000 grant for a total of $662,000.)
  6. Highway 99 (Phase 3) - $685,000 FHWA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant for lighting improvements along Highway 99 from 220th St. SW to 212th St. SW. 
  7. 5th Ave. South Overlay – $551,000 FHWA Preservation Grant for design and construction of an overlay on Fifth Avenue South from Elm Way to Walnut Street, as well as upgrades to all non-ADA compliant curb ramps along stretch.
  8. 76th Ave W/212th Street – $940,397 CMAQ grant for design and right of way acquisition to improve the intersection and reduce congestion.
  9. Shell Valley – $100,000 Department of Ecology Stormwater Grant and $250,000 Washington State appropriation for Shell Valley emergency access road.

10.  Stormwater Improvements - $128,115 Department of Ecology Stormwater Grant for programmatic stormwater improvements and a $259,000 Ecology Stormwater Grant for a new decant facility at the Public Works shops complex.

11.  84th Avenue - Washington Traffic Safety Commission grant in the amount of $6,250 for installation of a radar reader board which depicts the speed of cars.

12.  226th Street Walkway - $185,000 FHWA Safety Grant for design and construction of 300 feet of new sidewalk and ADA curb ramps.

13.  Interurban Trail - $577,000 Washington State Wildlife and Recreation Coalition Grant and $750,000 CMAQ grant to construct the final segment of the Interurban Trail.

14.  City Park Enhancement - $500,000 Recreation Conservation Office Grant to construct improvements to City Park

15.  Efficiency Conservation - $160,000 Energy Efficiency Conservation Block grant to purchase equipment and implement programs that conserve energy.

16.  Citywide Safety Improvements - $300,000 FHWA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant for upgrades to several traffic signal cabinets and pedestrian countdown display. 

17.  Commute Trip Reduction program - $2,630 Community Transit grant for an incentives program to City employees using alternative modes of transportation to driving alone as their commute to work.

There is much work that goes into researching and applying for grants as well as administering them once awarded. This is where City of Edmonds staff excel and the reason the City has been so successful in competing for grants.

As projects and programs are identified, and as long as funding opportunities exist, staff will diligently work to secure grants to pay for projects and lessen the cost to the City of Edmonds.


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