Edmonds Off Leash Dog Park Remains Open Despite Parvovirus Outbreak

Dog owners are asked to take precautions and seek veterinary care if their pets become ill.

The City of Edmonds asks dog owners to take precaution after the recent outbreak of the canine parvovirus in King County, which led the Everett to temporarily close its three dog parks, even though it is in Snohomish County.  

"At this time the Off Leash Area in Edmonds is open and welcoming," said Carrie Hite, director of Edmonds' Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. The park is located just south of Marina Beach Park.

"With an increase in cases of canine parvo virus in King County, and concerns spreading across Snohomish County, we ask dog owners to take precautions. If your dog has been ill, or showing any unusual signs, please keep your dog at home and seek veterinary care. The canine parvo virus is highly contagious and dangerous, especially to young dogs."

The City of Edmonds and Off-Leash Area Edmonds (OLAE) will be monitoring the situation closely to determine if it will be necessary to temporarily close the park due to the increase in the virus.


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