Thief Gets Away with Guns, Checks: Edmonds PD Blotter

In another incident, potential home buyers interrupted a burglary at a house for sale, leading to his arrest.

The following information is compiled from Edmonds Police logs for Feb. 11-20. Where an arrest is noted, it does not indicate a conviction.


Monday, Feb. 11

Fraud: An Edmonds resident’s information was used by someone to open credit cards, accounts, and accessing their current accounts. It was not clear at the time of the report whether the fraud occurred due to mail or Internet access.


Wednesday, Feb. 13

Employee items stolen at local business: A credit card and cash was stolen from the back room of a local business at 23632 Highway 99 N.

Burglary: An Edmonds resident living on the 7700 block of 204th Place SW reported a home burglary. A laptop, tools, medications, and jewelry were taken.


Friday, Feb. 15

Shoplifting: The Dollar Tree reported a shoplifter, and gave police suspect information.

Fraud: Someone withdrew money from the victim’s bank account several times without his permission. In another case, a man’s mail was stolen and an unknown person cashed his paycheck.


Sunday, Feb. 17

Burglary: A man was arrested after potential homebuyers discovered him in the garage of a home for sale on the 24100 block of 76th Ave W. He was arrested for 2nd Degree Burglary.


Monday, Feb. 18

Auto theft: An Edmond’s woman went to pick it up her car at the K&E after her boyfriend left it there when he was arrested. It was gone, and the boyfriend said he didn’t give anyone the keys or permission to drive it.

Forgery: Someone passed a fake money order to buy a set of tires from a local business at 22617 76th Ave W.


Tuesday, Feb. 19

Weapons stolen in burglary: An Edmonds resident reported that his home had been burglarized, and personal checks and firearms were stolen.

Mailbox blown up: A resident of the 6900 block of Meadowdale Beach Road reported that his mailbox was destroyed by fireworks.

Residential burglary: Police responded to a residential burglary report on the 1000 block of 8th Ave S. The incident happened within a one-hour window of time.


Wednesday, Feb. 20

Mail theft: A woman was stopped around the 8500 block of 24oth St SW, where several items of mail were found in her bags belonging to multiple people.


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