UPDATE: Trespassing Felons Tussle With Edmonds Police Officers

The three suspects were all arrested.

Here's an update to an earlier story from the Edmonds Police Department about the attack of three of its officers Friday morning:

Early Friday morning, November 30, 2012, at 1:33 a.m., an Edmonds police officer was alerted to an illegal trespassing incident at a motel in the 22100 block of Highway 99. 

Motel management reported three unwanted, unregistered men in a second floor motel room and asked police to remove the trespassers. As officers approached the motel room, the three suspects spotted them and ran to a nearby elevator.

When the officers attempted to contact the trespassers, one of them, a 31-year-old Tukwila man, violently resisted.

As this suspect fought with the officers, the other two suspects, a 39-year-old Yakima man and a 29-year-old Port Orchard man, began frantically grabbing unknown items from their clothing.

These as yet unidentified items were scattered about the floor before the two men bolted from the motel on foot. 

Once control was gained of the struggling man, the officers could see that the other two suspects had discarded numerous bags of suspected narcotics along with other evidence of illegal drug trafficking.

With discovery of the narcotics, an Edmonds Police K-9 unit initiated a track of the fleeing suspects from the motel. Assisting officers from Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood Police Departments, as well as the King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, Guardian 1, contained the surrounding area to allow the K-9 unit an opportunity to work.

At 2:24 a.m., nearly an hour after the confrontation began, Edmonds police dog dash located the two remaining suspects, where they had attempted to hide in an undeveloped area east of the motel.

The three suspects, all of them previously convicted felons, were arrested and booked for possession of illegal narcotics with intent to deliver.

Officers later learned that the Tukwila suspect, the man who initiated the violent physical confrontation, had outstanding felony warrants for his arrest for robbery and narcotics possession.


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