New Year's Eve Celebratory Gunshots Lead to Felon's Arrest

Several people were arrested at the scene

Four people, included a convicted felon, were arrested on New Year's eve after shots were fired from several weapons to celebrate the new year.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff's report:

Deputies were called to 703 33rd Avenue Drive East after a neighbor reported shots being fired near a maroon SUV parked in the area.When deputies arrived they heard several shots coming from the side of 617 33rd Avenue Drive East.

Deputies went to the side and observed Demetrick Edwards, 17, firing several shots into the air with a .45 caliber handgun while at least three children watched.

Deputies ordered Edwards to drop the gun but he tried to hide behind the fence in the yard before eventually dropping the gun. He was arrested and deputies ran a background check on Edwards and found that he has seven felony convictions, according to the report. He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and improper echibition of a firearm. 

Deputies then saw several 9mm and shotgun shell casings in the front yard of 703 33rd Ave. Dr. where officer noticed there were about six people inside. Deputies said those people were creating a safety issue for the officers by walking in and out of the house while officers knew that two guns that had been used were still out there.

Officers told those in the house that since the investigation in the front yard was still ongoing and that there was a possibility that they might get a search warrant for the residence that everyone inside had to stay outside.

A 17 year-old in the house left but then turned around and charged toward  the detective who was at the front door asking everyone else to exit. The 17-year-old,  described as 5-feet-10-inches and 230 pounds struggled violently, so the detective used a stun gun tostop him and arrest him.

While officers were working to arrest the juvenile, his brother Joel Maldonado, tried pushing deputies away and was arrested for obstruction. Their mother, Rosa Espinosa, was also arrested after she charged toward deputies during the arrest. Deputy Parham stopped Espinosa and arrested her. During the arrest Espinosa scratched Parham's right arm and was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

During a search of Espinosa's vehicle a Mossberg shotgun and a Walther 9mm were located in the trunk. The Walther was reported Stolen out of MSO in 1997.


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