Man Shot While Duck Hunting on New Year's Dat Recovering

A 47-year-old man duck hunting Wednesday with his brother in a boat off Warm Beach in Tulalip suffered a gunshot wound to his leg, officials said.

The bullet first went through a hull and a decoy before striking the victim, officials said.

The two men reported that they were several hundred yards offshore when they heard a loud explosion about 5 p.m.

One bullet went through the hull of the boat and a duck decoy before striking the victim. Investigators believe it may have come from a high powered rifle shot from shore.

Officials gauged the distance and direction it traveled, but hope to learn more after the bullet is recovered and examined.

The victim was conscious and talking to first responders before being transported to a nearby hospital.  The sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate to locate any suspects involved, officials said.

Investigators were gathering evidence from the incident, including shrapnel and bullet fragments.  Whether the evidence will reveal any additional details about the shooter is unlikely to be known for quite some time.

Additional details about the investigation will be released when they become available.


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