Lake Forest Park Police Nab Car Full of Possible Burglars

The LFP PD warns that residential burglaries have been on the rise over the last several weeks, and urges residents to take reasonable precautions.

The Lake Forest Park Police today nabbed three young men who had fled the scene of an attempted residential burglary in the City of Brier, just north of Lake Forest Park, Interim Police Chief Kent Baxter wrote in a news release to residents.

The victim saw one of the men trying to break into his house and called police, who apprehended the men about 15 minutes later in Lake Forest Park, LFP Police Sgt. Jason Becker said.

The trio, all south King County residents from the Kent area, had property in the vehicle that indicated they were possibly on a theft spree which included King and Snohomish counties, though no other specific cases have been identified yet. The three were arrested, one on attempted burglary, and the other two on outstanding traffic warrants, and the car was returned to Brier Police, who will execute a search warrant on it, Becker said.

During the last six weeks Lake Forest Park Police have investigate 16 residential burglaries. According to a press release by the department, at least half of those burglaries involved forced entry.

The other half involved unlocked homes. On one early morning case, a homeowner came home to find a white 4-door car parked in her driveway occupied by a white female driver in her 20’s. The woman told the homeowner that she had pulled into the wrong address and the homeowner backed out of her driveway, allowing the driver to exit the driveway. Moments later a white man in his 20’s ran out the front door of the victim’s residence and jumped into the getaway car and then they drove off. Unfortunately, the victim was not able to get a license plate. At least 24 hours after another burglary incident, another neighbor reported seeing a gray or silver Honda vehicle with darkened windows sitting in his driveway.

The LFP Police Department doesn’t expect residents to take unnecessary risks, but if it's possible to jot down a license plate and call police immediately, the department can investigate suspicious circumstances.

For more information on starting a Blockwatch or following crime reporting in your neighborhood see the links below:

Contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Casey Krzyminski at 206-364-8216 ext 523, or e-mail him at casey@ci.lake-forest-park.wa.us

You may also want to join www.crimereports.com to see what activity is occurring in your community.

--Information from the Lake Forest Park police department


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