Edmonds Police Officers Attacked

Three suspects arrested, and the officers are OK.

Several Edmonds Police officers were attacked early Friday morning when they responded to a trespassing call, reports KIRO.

The attacks occurred after police arrived at Traveler's Inn on Highway 99 near 220th Street Southwest at about 1:30 a.m., KIRO reports.

From KIRO:

Employees at the hotel said the trespasser had been there before. When officers arrived to remove the man, they found three other men who had crept up a back stairwell.

As the officers started questioning the men, they were attacked.

Police said one of the men dropped a large amount of illegal drugs during the fight.

One guest, who declined to be identified, said he came back to the hotel shortly after the altercation ended.

"All I was told was sit down, you're not allowed to leave the lobby, and stay here now.  I sat there for about an hour and there were cops everywhere,” he said.

Police seized a car they think the suspects were driving, and one man was taken into custody.

Officers used a K-9 and the King County Sheriff's Office helicopter to find the last two suspects in the bushes.

The searched ended shortly after 2 a.m. near the Interurban Trail as the last of three men emerged from some blackberry bushes and surrendered to police.

The officers who were involved in the fight are OK.

Edmonds Patch will have more information when it is available.


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