Edmonds Police Delay Train After Report of Suspicious Suitcase

The King County Transit bomb squad determined the suitcase was empty, and the train was allowed to leave after an hour.


Edmonds police and the King County Transit bomb squad stopped a train Thursday morning at the Edmonds Amtrak Station to check out a report of a suspicious suitcase that turned out to be empty.

A press release from the Edmonds Police Department said an Amtrak employee reported the suitcase at the Amtrak Station located at 210 Railroad Avenue at about 7 a.m. Edmonds Police called in the transit bomb squad with a dog, which “gave no indication on the suitcase.”

One train was held up while the suitcase was examined.

It was found to be empty without any identification in it, and regular commuter traffic was restored within an hour. The suitcase was taken as evidence.


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