Edmonds Joining Five Other Cities for a Regional SWAT Team

Benefits include shared cost and bigger, better-equipped units.

The Edmonds Police Department has combined forces with five other departments in Snohomish and King counties to create a new North Sound Metro SWAT team.

According to Jim Lawless, Edmonds' assistant chief of police, field sevices, the agreement has been approved by all departments, which in addition to Edmonds includes Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Monroe, Bothell and Lake Forest Park.

The original South Snohomish County Swat Team consisted of Edmonds, Lynnwood, and Mountlake Terrace. The existing team was expanded to include Bothell, Monroe, and Lake Forest Park.

"The team is still not completely integrated, but still able to respond to situations as needed," said Lawless. Full integration is anticipated for the early spring.

Commander Steve Rider from the Lynnwood Police Department is the team commander, and Lawless is the assistant team commander. They report to the chiefs of the participating agencies, who have final oversight and approval of operations.

The SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is called into action for high-risk situations where specialized training, tactics and equipment are required for situations such as high-risk warrant service, hostages, and where suspects may have barricaded themselves inside a house, for example.

"Teams of this nature are a necessity for the safety of the public and the officers involved," said Lawless. "This new combined team is the result of the cooperative efforts of all the involved agencies in an effort to continue to best serve all of our citizens in these very difficult economic times."

Michael Buley February 28, 2012 at 05:49 PM
SWAT teams across the country have engaged in lawless activities. They shoot first, ask questions later, and rarely have accountability for people they kill and the damage they inflict, even when they are completely mistaken in their raids. We are seeing a militarization of local police. The enemy use to be 'out there,' in some other land. Now it's here, in our own country. We are the enemy. From the authorization of thousands of drones across the country -- to spy on everyone, including you and me -- to SWAT teams to full body radiation scans at the airport, we are the enemy. The approval of a SWAT team for our area is disturbing to me, to say the least.
Brian Soergel February 29, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Michael: Thanks for your comments. Readers, anyone else agree with his statements?


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