Car Break-Ins This Week Have Edmonds Police Offering Salient Advice

Seventy-two percent of vehicles broken into had their doors unlocked.

A sign of the times: A number of vehicle break-ins has the Edmonds Police Department reminding people to lock their doors.

During the early morning hours of Nov. 5, a number of vehicles were unlawfully entered throughout the Edmonds neighborhoods adjacent to the 220th Street SW corridor between the 8400 and 8700 blocks, said Sgt. Mike Blackburn.

The Edmonds Police Department is actively pursuing leads developed through the investigations of that day.

In the meantime, says Blackburn, now is a good opportunity to remind Edmonds residents to protect their valuables and secure their vehicles. A concerning trend has been revealed during the car prowl investigations throughout this year. Blackburn said 72 percent of the vehicles targeted by prowlers were left unlocked by their owners.

In the limited number of cases where vehicles were entered by force, typically by breaking a window, nearly all of those vehicles had valuable property clearly visible inside. Edmonds Police encourage property owners to remove valuables from their vehicles when parked or safely secure those items out of view. Furthermore, locking your vehicle is an effective deterrent to car prowlers.

The police remind those who spot suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, or if you hearing sounds of a possible car prowl in progress, to call 911 immediately.      

If you have information about the recent string of car prowls, anonymous tips can be left on the Edmonds Police tip line at 425-771-0212.      

Larry Vogel November 11, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I drive a small convertible, so if I lock my doors, any thief with a pocket knife can get in through the top. I leave my car unlocked, but never keep valuables anywhere in the car. I've disabled the passenger compartment trunk release latch, but rarely leave anything in the trunk more valuable than a spare tire.


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