QUESTION: Is The Big Bird Debate Getting Out Of Control In The Presidential Race?

Stemming from Republican candidate Mitt Romney's comments during the last debate about cutting funding to PBS, President Barack Obama has pounced on the issue, arguing how it highlights his opponent's fiscal priorities.

QUESTION: Is the Big Bird Debate in the presidential race getting out of control?

Poor Big Bird.

Once a tall, yellow puppet in America's most kid-friendly neighborhood, the Sesame Street icon has now found himself (we think it's a him) at the center of the ugliest of contests: the presidential race.

After Republican challenger Mitt Romney stated that he'd cut funding to PBS during the last debate, Big Bird has become a poticial lightening rod. The comment set off a flurry of Tweets the night of the debate and became part of the water-cooler discussion the following day.

Yes. Big Bird. The nasaly, 7-foot-tall creature who mingles with the likes of Elmo and Snuffaluffagus.

Now, his name is under discussion in The Beltway by such political personalities as James Carville and Fox News.

The reason? President Barack Obama's campaign has hammered Romney's Big Bird reference to highlight the challenger's fiscal priorities.

"Thank God someone is getting tough on Big Bird," Obama said during a stump speech last week in Denver. "We didn't know Big Bird was driving the deficit."

The campaign even released a television ad that's ruffling some feathers. (No pun intended)

(Click on the media gallery to view the ad)

But the Romney campaign counters that it's a sad commentary when the president cares more about a kid-oriented puppet rather than fixing the economy.

On Tuesday, Big Bird was all the talk among D.C. media. "Obama's Big Bird Bet," read Politico.com's top story for much of the day.

The political spotlight on the winged celebrity became so intense that Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind Sesame Street, asked the president's campaign to remove the television ad, saying that it's a nonpartisan organization.

Ad or not, the fact is Big Bird has been thrust into the center of the race for the country's highest office.

We ask you, Patch users, is the debate over Big Bird in the presidential race out of control? Which candidate comes out looking worse? Tell us in the comments below.

Ken James October 11, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Pauline -- Regardless of how you fee we got in the financial trouble, it is irrefutable that our current president has no idea how to bolster the economy. The business community has spoken loudly and clearly that his policies will NOT return us to prosperity. That missing prosperity is what is required to propel us out of the rut. You can dwell on your distorted view of the past, but you seem to want to go back 10 years... while ignoring the last 4. With Obama, we already know what the next 4 years will look like; high unemployment and tepid growth and huge deficits. If we were to sustain another terrorist attack as we did in 2001, are you confident that we are in a position to recover as well as we did then?
Lance K. Regan October 15, 2012 at 04:44 AM
This could get serious! First, Romoney cuts the subsidies to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Not enough, we're still broke! What's next, cut the subsidies to Corporate Oil, Corporate Agriculture, Corporate Banks, Corporate Insurance, Corporate Pharma, etc.? How will the 1% survive this slashing attack? This man is too dangerous!
dexterjibs October 15, 2012 at 09:31 PM
I was thinking cuts to big green energy boondoggles. You know, the billions of tax payer dollars that go to "green energy" companies that go out of business a short time later cuz green energy is useless. ANd green energy companies overseas receive tax payer funded subsidies. So, tax payer monies are used to export jobs overseas. I thinbk Obama is the real dangerous person in this race.
dexterjibs October 15, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Geez Jeff, I think it is in the hundreds of millions. But he is earning that money for a noble cause. And, he did donate hundreds of dollars to charity one year when he was VP. I guess hypocrisy is a characteristic of liberals.
sarahbuckley October 25, 2012 at 08:30 PM
"Today is brought to you by the letter, "O" and the number 16 trillion...."


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