Letter to the Editor: Thanks to City Council for Passing Train Resolution

Seattle-based SSA Marine is behind Gateway Pacific Terminal, a shipping pier for exporting bulk commodities, including coal, to China and other countries in Asia. It would mean many more train trips through Puget Sound.

This is to express my heartfelt gratitude to our City Council for opposing the prospect of transporting filthy coal past our lovely city.  
These extremely heavy loads of coal will spill into the air and sea a very toxic and hazardous coal dust. These trains will be much noisier and more damaging to the tracks than the trains that already use the railroad tracks passing through Edmonds.

Our downtown businesses, tourists, residents, and property owners along the route of the coal trains will suffer. Even from my home on Second Avenue, I hear the trains and it's tolerable with the sound of Willow Creek to help cover the noise. However, we do not need more noise, more damage to tracks, more pollution to air/land/sea, and more traffic congestion near the ferry and train terminals.

We all need to support and thank our City Council for acting to oppose the coal trains and to encourage our incoming council members to continue the strong opposition to coal, coal transport, coal burning, and even the extraction of coal to line the pockets of the already wealthy and powerful coal industry.

(Editor's note: The City Council passed it as a resolution.)

Did you know that the coal lobby is the most powerful in our federal government? That information was provided last night at our annual Sierra Club holiday gather at my home in Edmonds.

Please read this: http://www.cascadiaweekly.com/currents/opinion/a_stocking_full_of_coal/Bob.

Rebecca Wolfe

Pro-Dem December 21, 2011 at 10:34 PM
Anyone who is willing to sacrifice our environment and our health for "jobs and the economy," is terribly misguided. There is a Cree (Indian) prophecy that goes something like this: When all of the air is polluted; when all of the water is gone; when all of the land is depleted; only then will you know that you cannot eat money." (When I find a copy of the original, exact wording, I will submit; but you get the idea.)
Theresa Smiley February 12, 2012 at 12:10 AM
I don't see any positive benefit to the many communities along the route of the coal trains, I see only pollution in so many forms - noise, traffic congestion, coal dust in the air, on your house, your car, in your lungs...what about the elderly in the many nursing homes along the way (Edmonds) that are right there, practically next to the tracks?? How is a 1.5 mile long train blocking access to the ferry boats that leave Edmonds every hour going to work? Your city is going to be covered in black coal dust, the Asthma docs business will pick up, that's for sure. I was just about to make an offer on a lovely, expensive, waterfront property just above the tracks - now I'm not. I was really looking forward to living in Edmonds, it's a perfect little town, perfectly located, beautiful. Perhaps, Senator Cantwell can come to the rescue of her home-town - Edmonds,? Where do her loyalties lie? As for Patty Murray, her husband is an employee of SSA, I wouldn't expect much help from her. Rick Larson is already praising the virtues of this project. Whoda thunk that "black lung" would be coming to the Puget Sound? Not that far-fetched. Very, very disappointing!
Michael J Schneider July 08, 2012 at 10:28 PM
I am originally from the Northwest and very aware of our environment in the the Northwest and presently in Wyoming where I now live. It is sad when people make up ideas that coal dust flies off of these railroad cars-that is not true. For years, in Wyoming, low-sulfer coal has been transported in this state and adjoining states. There is no physical evidence of trails of coal dust in our air or left behind on track beds. Please come to our state before one makes false statements. Now I am very concern for the access from the beach and ferry to the town. Maybe one should be talking the railroads and the planners of this project for a better or newer route to get to Cherry Point terminal. Why do so people assume that all coal is bad without scientific facts. Scare tactics are not smart tactics.


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