Top 10 Most-Read Stories in 2011: Edmonds PD Bikini Barista Bust Is No. 1

Other stories readers clicked on included two on Dick's Drive-In, new fees proposed by BofA and Costco and Rick Steves' push to legalize marijuana.

What did users of Edmonds Patch read the most in 2011?

Here are the 10 stories that were most read by Edmonds Patch readers:

1. : This was actually the follow-up story to Edmonds Police Department's sting on a local bikini barista stand. The original story is No. 3 on the list.

2. : Edmonds Patch posed the following question after BofA announced it would charge customers to use their debit cards: What's your debit card worth to you? A poll with the story received more than 1,900 replies. The overwhelming response was indicative of the public's distaste for the proposed fee, which BofA quickly dropped.

3. : This was the original story back in July on Edmonds PD's undercover investigation of Java Juggs. The story was read by readers worldwide after it was picked up by The Huffington Post.

4. : The European travel expert, who lives in Edmonds, is one of the most high-profile supporters of the effort.

5. : The story ran in advance of the Nov. 8 general election. Initiative 1183 would go on to pass.

6. : The biggest fast-food story in Edmonds was certainly the opening of Dick's Drive-In on Highway 99. Founder Dick Spady, who is now 88, stopped by in September to check on the progress. Dick's in Edmonds opened in October.

7. : This story included a reader poll. Fifty-six percent of the 186 people who responded said they'd pay the increase, but weren't happy about it.

8. : Patch writer Rachel Gallaher interviewed longtime Edmonds resident Debbie Duvall in March about her plans to open a yogurt shop in town. The store opened in June.

9. : In late August, Dick's annouced it would be hiring more than 25 workers for its Edmonds store, which opened in October.

10. : This story reported on the top baby names for boys and girls in 2010.


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