Here Comes the Sun—Temperature May Hit 60 Saturday

Federal forecasters and UW weather guru Cliff Mass are predicting a mostly dry spring weekend.

Forget about spring cleaning this weekend. It might well be time to get outside and enjoy the sun.

Remember that fiery yellow thing that planet Earth circles?

Spring sprung earlier this week with winter-like temperatures, but forecasters are predicting this weekend will finally bring normal, and likely dry, late-March weather.

In fact, University of Washington weather guru Cliff Mass raises the prospect in his latest blog post that the thermometer might even push 60 degrees on Saturday.

Oh boy!

“It is hard to remember such an extended period in March where snow was falling somewhere over the lowlands of western Washington and Oregon,” the UW professor of Atmospheric Sciences writes. “But I have good news. I think snow is over for the lowlands and probably for the rest of the spring. The large scale atmospheric pattern is shifting enough that we should enjoy near normal temperatures for a while (like mid 50s) and believe it or not the weekend should be dry. Saturday may get up near 60 F.”

His fellow forecasters from the feds agree, with the National Weather Service predicting mostly sunny weather in Edmonds with a high of 54 on Saturday and 55 on Sunday. Of course, higher elevations away from Puget Sound may be a little warmer.

Diane B March 24, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Yahoo. I guess it is finally time to plant those bulbs!


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