Dick's: First in Line For the 13th Burger

Edmonds native settles in under a canopy, next to a heater, waiting for the grand opening of Dick's Drive-In in Edmonds.

Thea Miklasiewicz of Edmonds wanted to be first in line for today at 3 p.m., so she didn't take any chances.

She arrived at 3:24 a.m.

"I Tweeted it," she said, relaxing under an canopy, a heater keeping her comfortable in the chilly and wet weather. "I'm first in line for the 13th burger." Miklasiewicz knows her Dick's history: .

Miklasiewicz, who graduated from Woodway High in 1975, says she grew up on Dick's burgers. "My father used to pick up the 10 for 10 specials on Wednesdays on Holman Road. He got 20, though. We had three boys in the family."

Miklasiewicz said she loves everything about Dick's, but especially the burgers. "I love them because of the dill pickles they put in them. I love the smell. I love the way they slap on the mustard, slap on the ketchup, and put it all together."

Jim Fisher stood nearby. He wouldn't be at the grand opening; he had already committed to some bowling. Fisher, a retired firefighter from Shoreline who is now the city's fire commissioner, says he was present at the opening of the first Dicks, established in 1954 in Wallingford.

"I was in the sixth grade," said Fisher, who added that he'd be back soon to sample the Edmonds location, the first outside King County. His favorite burger is the Special, for $1.80.

"I like the idea that Dick's takes only cash," he said. "I know what it's going to cost when I go there."

One thing's for sure: There will be plenty of cash exchanged during the grand opening.


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