Coming Up: An Edmonds Kind of Week

Clear skies and temps in the 80s. Is Labor Day the new July 4?

The sun was shining, Mount Baker was in full view, Main Street was packed and beaches were alive with activity.

At Marina Beach, some dude played his guitar loud and warbled through "Maggie May." No one seemed to mind.

It was and Edmonds kind of day, all right, but according to weather geeks we are headed for an Edmonds kind of week.

Now that July and August are behind us, can it mean that summer is finally here?

Puget Sound locals will tell you summer usually doesn't arrive until the July 4 fireworks are over.

So is Labor Day the new July 4?

The KOMO News weather graphic shows nothing but highs in the 80s from here 'til next weekend, with Thursday looking like the hottest day of the stretch.

It may be a little cooler in Edmonds, it usually is, but with clear daytime skies and starry nights ahead, it looks like a week to remember.



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