Don't Laugh: Spring Arrives Tonight

Freezing temps, snow, hail, thunder. Winter's stubborn ways persist with a spring-eve tempest in the Pacific Northwest.

Spring arrives at 10:14 tonight, but spring ain’t exactly sprung in Edmonds and the rest of Puget Sound yet.

While most of the country east of the Continental Divide basks in warm weather thanks to a big dip in the jet stream, the Western U.S. seems to want to hang onto winter just a little longer.

On Sunday, a late-afternoon storm produced cracking thunder and dropped snow on Edmonds. This was after Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day bullet-sized hail.

There is hope. Today, the snow is melting quickly downtown, although it will take a little longer in higher elevations such as Westgate.

Of course, the sunbreaks may not last long. The National Weather Service is calling for a 100 percent chance of rain tonight in Edmonds, with the low temperature at 40.

It’s not until Thursday night that the Weather Service predicts only a chance of showers.



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