Young-Adult Author Laura Ellen at Edmonds Bookshop on Saturday

Her debut novel is "Blind Spot."

Author Laura Ellen will sign copies of her debut young-adult novel Blind Spot Saturday at noon at Edmonds Bookshop.

Ellen’s debut (Harcourt Children’s Books, ages 14 and up) is an edgy, issue-oriented thriller featuring a visually impaired teen protagonist trying to find herself as much as she’s trying to find a killer. 

Ellen, who was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration at age 14, drew from her own experiences as a visually impaired teen to write Blind Spot.

“You want to strive toward accepting yourself, but you go through denial and anger first,” she says.

The author felt it was important to show this anger and denial, allowing her protagonist to make mistakes just as real people do. “Those mistakes,” Ellen says, “are the catalyst for the trouble my character gets into.”

The Edmonds Bookshop, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, is at 11 Fifth Ave. S. For more information, call 425-775-2789 or e-mail edmondsbookshop@msn.com.


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