'Dick-O-Rama': Grabbing Burgers at all Six Dick's Locations in One Night

Mark Leland, like many who grew up in Puget Sound, is a lifelong fan of the Seattle-based icon, which opened its sixth location in Edmonds in October.

Americans love hamburgers, and that love extends to being loyal to their favorite burger joint.

For Mark Leland, that joint is Puget Sound's own , which in October .

Dick’s recently edged out bigger chains like California’s In-N-Out and Washington, D.C.’s Five Guys in Esquire Magazine’s Life Changing Burger Joint Poll.

But Leland, who lives in Woodinville, doesn't need a national magazine to tell him what his dad taught him when he was a kid: Dick’s has great burgers. The hamburger eatery started in 1954 and quickly became a tradition for many families.

“My grandparents lived in Seattle, and we’d go over there to visit and then go to Dick’s,” Leland said. “As I got older, I’d do chores for my grandmother, like mow the lawn, that was usually good for a trip to Dick’s, too.”

So a few years ago when a co-worker suggested a trip to all five Dick’s locations in one night, quickly dubbed the "Dick-O-Rama," Leland was all in. The group has expanded beyond his original school buddies, but there is still the competition among co-workers to see who can eat the most in one night’s journey, which happens mostly once a year, sometimes more.

“You talk big about having a deluxe (burger) at the next stop, but they’re all so close to each other the next stop may only be 10 minutes away,” Leland said. 

“We usually go in spring when the weather is warmer. I’m trying to talk my dad into going next time.”


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