Rick Steves Talks About Mixing Politics and Business

Rick Steves: Before, during, and after the recent election, I wasn't afraid to let my customers know my politics (as usual).

Edmonds' Rick Steves posted on Facebook Monday on the topic of mixing politics with business. For example, he went on a speaking tour in support of the passage of  before Election Day Nov. 6.

Before, during, and after the recent election, I wasn't afraid to let my customers know my politics (as usual). I believe that it's very American to openly share ideas with people you have things in common with (in the case of my fans, travel). I enjoy explaining the way Europeans view political issues...and you can take it or leave it. While this approach is risky (and I was "un-friended" by a few former Facebook fans post-Election Day), I'm relieved not to have to hide my beliefs from the people who buy what I produce. 

Steves also recently gave an interview to Allyson Marrs from Bellevue Club Reflections magazine about his travel philosophy and future plans. Here is an excerpt:

Are you constantly looking for new places to explore in each country because of all the tourists who now visit previously "low key" spots after reading your guides?

Yes, but the real coup is to go to the best places (which are now “discovered”) and figure out how to experience them in a candid, "Back Door" way. Rather than find an untouristy French city, do Paris in an untouristy way. I also like to challenge people to break loose when it comes to going east or south.

Anything new coming up? New book? Television special?

I’m planning on researching and producing shows on Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian lands in the coming year. And my big challenge will be producing an hour-long special on the Holy Land that sorts out and cultural and historic foundations of the stress and strife between Israel and the Palestinian territories today — similar to the way we tackled Iran a few years ago with a public television special. Raising awareness of the context and roots of the problems in the Middle East from a sightseeing and travelers’ perspective, in a way that simply humanizes the region rather than gets bogged down on specific political controversies, is a challenge I am eager to take on.

John Novak November 14, 2012 at 03:59 AM
Is Rick promoting the legalization of heroin now, too? That's a heroin poppy field he's pictured in.
John Novak November 14, 2012 at 04:02 AM
Sorry...make that "opium poppy". Papaver somniferum.


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