Restaurants Booking Up for St. Patrick's Day

Use Edmonds Patch's Food & Dining guide to help you decide on where to go.

Need a reservation at a restaurant in Edmonds today for early or late St. Patrick's Day dinner?

Good luck. Many of the downtown establishments, like Demetris Woodstone Taverna, are already full. Others, such as Rory's, would normally be able to accommodate large parties but are already full.

Since many restaurants do not take reservations on a busy night like tonight, your best bet is to show up and be prepared to wait.

There are options away from downtown. A call to both and confirmed that both restaurants are now taking reservations for after 4 p.m., even for large parties.

To help you decide, go to Edmonds Patch's listing of restaurants in town. Go to the Places tab, then select Food & Dining.

Good luck!


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