Opening Soon in Edmonds on Dayton Street: Segway Tours

The two-wheeled personal transportation vehicles had previously been available for rent at Running in Motion, which is now closed.

You've no doubt seen people scooting around Edmonds on Segways, those two-wheeled personal transportation vehicles.

Segway Tours of Edmonds will soon have its own store, as it will open in at 106 Dayton Street, just east of Fifth Avenue South. It is located at the far end of three recently renovated spaces on the south side of Dayton in Old Milltown.

The two other spaces are available to rent.

The Segway tours, created by Edmonds resident Gregg Jantz and his young song, Gregg Jr., formerly operated out of the Running in Motion store at Main Street and Fourth Avenue North.

Running in Motion is now closed.

The Jantzes visited Segway’s headquarters in Bedford, NH, and decided that a Segway business in Edmonds could work. Young Gregg was the driving force of Edmonds Segway Tours, and received support from his father, the founder of The Center: A Place of Hope, a recovery center in Edmonds.

The elder Jantz also blogs for Edmonds Patch.


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