Fifth Avenue South Is Busy as Old Milltown Area Spruces Up

The Milltown facade is sporting new colors. Here's what is open and soon to open.

It's a busy time on Fifth Avenue South between Dayton and Maple streets.

On Tuesday, Tully's Coffee employees packed up boxes and signs while clearing out the shop, .

Across the street, workers painted the facade of Las Brisas, the Mexican restaurant moving from its longtime Harbor Square location to Old Milltown. General manager Alvaro Castillo promises the new location will have much more tequila.

And we can't wait to see the outdoor dining area.

And have you seen the new spiffy paint job the Old Milltown facade is sporting? It complements the new Hazel Miller Plaza.

With and Old Milltown, it's a busy time in Edmonds.

Here's what is coming or already there at the original Old Milltown and adjacent building:

  • : now open
  • : now open
  • : now open
  • : now open
  • : now open
  • : now open
  • : opening soon
  • Edmonds Hardware and Paint: opening soon

Question: Do you think Las Brisas' new location is better than its former one?

Brian Soergel August 30, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Priya, true about fresh food. That's why, unfortunately, you don't see many people on a budget at PCC or eating as healthy as they should.
Priya Sinha August 30, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Aaahhh...but, the prices of vegetable, fruits, and meats are elevated at PCC. I find similar foods at TOPPS and Fred Meyer for cheaper. It is a matter of shopping around. Trust me...I'm cheap.
Sherry Ann September 03, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Love all the fish & seafood options @ Las Brisas and the fact that Margaritas are made with fresh lime juice. Most authentic Mexican restaurant with a bar and table service that I have found out here in the 'burbs.
Tere Ryder September 15, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Just ate at Las Brisas again (going there since we moved here 3 years ago) and we love the convenience of the new downtown location, the food as always excellent, and excellent service, as always. It's a shame to see that someone painted over the original facade at this location (Milltown), and now it just looks like someone painted modern/hip colored paint on very old wood. ..... it looks like someone trying to save a buck.....in otherwords ruined the original by making it look like something it isn't. With all the information put out about "economic development" in Edmonds ALL the time (new buildings, structures, etc), you can bet that if any more existing store-fronts are vacant on Main Street (usually the prime street of small towns), I'm reminded of what the term "ghost town" comes from and what can happen. If you can't keep Main Street vibrant in a small town, you better start thinking about this now, BEFORE you do all the "economic development" blocks from Main Street.
Nate September 22, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Painting over the original facade was not only necessary for aesthetics, but to salvage a structure that was near collapse due to rotten, worn wood that got that way from the former owners negligence. The large amount of money that went into the rehab of this property will ultimately raise traffic, commerce, property value and, commercial rents across the entire downtown Edmonds business district. I think the colors are great and the paint is high quality. Take a closer look when you sit in that great park, have a sandwich and a glass of wine or a margarita outside of Las Brisas.


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