Garlic Jim’s Discovers Powerful Stories During a Pizza Giveaway

The Snohomish County-based pizza chain went looking for inspirational stories and people. It found one in Edmonds.

What does a co-worker putting on fundraisers for a baby born with a heart defect, an ovarian cancer survivor who underwent surgery six times and manages to find the strength to visit a neighbor in the hospital, and a football coach who provides food and clothes to low-income players, all have in common?

Each won a free Garlic Jim’s gourmet pizza through a “Random Acts of Pizza” nomination program that just concluded.

Edmonds’ Garlic Jim’s, located at 9796 Edmonds Way, encouraged the participation of several Edmonds residents, including Sharon Nash. She used the contest as a way to recognize her mother, whom Nash considers an inspiring caregiver.

“For the last several months she has tirelessly attended to my Dad’s medical needs,” Nash said. “She takes him to all of his appointments, lab draw visits, additional testing appointments, ER visits, etc, etc. In addition to making meals and just making sure he is well cared for.”

Dwayne Northrop, the CEO of Everett-based Garlic Jim’s, said he was in awe of some of the touching nominations the pizza company had to choose from when awarding people with pizza pies in exchange for good deeds done.

The gourmet pizza company, with several dozen locations across the Pacific Northwest, encouraged customers to nominate friends and family when ordering pizza. They called the award a “Random Act of Pizza.”

“We were amazed by some of the incredible responses we received,” Northrop said. “It’s very comforting to know that people in our community are doing selfless things on a daily basis. And we’re glad to have been an outlet for others to recognize those acts.”

While the Random Acts of Pizza campaign just wrapped up, Garlic Jim’s kept a blog announcing the winners and sharing their nomination stories.


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