Internationally Inspired Impressionism and Healing in Spotlight at Cole Gallery

Edmonds gallery displays the artwork of Michael Maczuga and Micki Dyson Flatmo.

Impressionism may be considered a slightly antiquated form of painting, but one look at the canvases from Michael Maczuga’s latest exhibit, Capturing the Heart, leaves the viewer captivated by the youthful scenes and freshness of the work.

The exhibition opened last Thursday at  in conjunction with another national artist, Micki Dyson Flatmo, whose pieces attempt to bring a sense of healing in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan earlier this year.

“He is nothing short of brilliant,” said gallery owner Denise Cole of Maczuga. “His ability to capture the soul with his impressionist brush work is mesmerizing. Michael’s figures have an almost sculptural quality to them as he combines realism with the simplicity of freshly laid paint.”

Arizona-based artist Maczuga uses a dreamy impressionist technique to capture the universal innocence of youth across cultural lines in our ethnically diverse country. He has worked with youth for more than 30 years.

Flatmo, who lives in California, is known for her international street scenes and stunning portraits capturing the emotion of everyday life. His current exhibition truly expresses emotion through the eyes and faces of her subjects, especially in the exquisitely colored “Through the Light.”

Both artists' shows will be on display at Cole Gallery through Sept. 14.


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