Elegant Vulnerability on Display at Cole Gallery

You can see artist Ilene Gienger-Stanfield's work through May 15.

Award-winning Oregon pastel and oil artist Ilene Gienger-Stanfield is now showing her work for the first time at .

The gallery continues to expand its nationally known artist pool, which now has grown to more than 40 artists from the original 12 the gallery started with more than five years ago.

“We, as humans have body language that does not need speech to communicate,” Gienger-Stanfield says about her inspiration. “It is said we have seven universal emotions and 93 percent of them are conveyed through our body language. Unlike a pear or a tree, there is an innate understanding of the indication of our faces or figures.”

Gienger-Stanfield showcases a figurative collection of paintings that, as she puts it, are contemporary in message and style yet reminiscent of the past.  Each piece depicts an elegant vulnerability of her subject matter, with every soft tendril of hair out of place or simple relaxed body position engaged in everyday actions.

In essence, she depicts our everyday selves as works of art.

“I try to tell a story of simple, good, and charming moments that the viewer can relate to,” Ilene said.  “I have an underlying message of goodwill in my images.  I truly enjoy, get excited, and feel caring toward my subjects.  I have been told this enjoyment, excitement, and caring show through in my work.”

“Her show knocks it out of the park,” says Denise Cole.  “She’s a wonderful edition to the gallery. I’m thrilled to have her bold and confidently executed brush strokes expressing the human narrative grace the space on my walls, and I think our collectors will to.”

Ilene Gienger-Stanfield's show continues through May 15 at Cole Gallery,107 Fifth Ave. S, Edmonds.


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