My Arch Enemy - The Packed Lunch

Packing school lunches for picky kids is quite the challenge. This Mom needs help!

I’ve got two little ones, each of whom has to bring a lunch to school. I despise making lunch in the mornings. 

First off, I’ve got picky, high maintenance kids. Second, by March I am completely uninspired. I repeatedly ask my kids what their friends are eating in their lunch, but the answers always seem to focus around the dessert options. 

I’ve seen parents do the little Tupperware of carrot sticks, string cheese, edamame, trail mix, crackers, etc. I tried that and they came back untouched. I’ve done the mini bagel with cream cheese, cheese and crackers, crackers and salami, and deli meat rolled up with cheese. Soup in a thermos. Pasta in a thermos. Mini pizza pockets in a thermos. I like the thermos.  

The standard PB&J sandwich is what my first grader gets on a regular basis. This is the same child that won’t touch a fruit or veggie in any form. Not dried, fresh, cut up, not cup up, in a cute container, or pre-packaged from the store. Nada.

My doctor suggested smoothies in her lunch. Great idea, Doc, I’ll just add that to the chaos of the morning. Whip up a smoothie and find a container to keep it cold in her lunch. Of course, I gave it a try this morning anyhow. We’ll see what verdict is when I get the lunchbox back.

One of my friends in Seattle posted about the great little company called Fantazimo. They partner with Gretchen’s Shoebox Express and deliver a healthy yummy lunch to any school or camp in the greater Seattle area, including Edmonds! The pricing is reasonable and to me the choices look fantastic. I’m afraid it will be a waste of money if my daughter leaves it untouched, but I'm still going to give it a try one day soon.

I need a fresh perspective and some new ideas. I need a lunch intervention. I’d love to hear what other busy parents do for lunches. Share the love, Mommas!

Rachel Gallaher April 26, 2011 at 06:33 PM
So, I'm not a Mom, but I was a nanny with the same family (3 kids) for 4 years. One of my duties was packing lunches every day. I got to the same point as you where I would ask what the kids wanted, they would say "I don't care" and I would get 80% of the lunch I packed back in the afternoon. One option that all 3 kids seemed to like was a bean, cheese and chopped olive burrito. Just put the ingredients in a tortilla, wrap it up in foil, then they can microwave it at school. You can also put other stuff like frozen corn, shredded chicken and veggies inside. Good luck!
Kimberly Koenig April 27, 2011 at 02:34 PM
Thanks Rachel - good option! Kids don't have a microwave at their school, but I could use my trusty thermos!


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