Inevitability of Time: Edmonds Summer Market Says Goodbye for Another Year

Summer gives way to fall festivities.

An hour before the closed for the season on Saturday, there was already a palpable air of inevitability.

Musicians starting packing up, their tips growing smaller. You could stroll down the vegatable-, fruit- and flower-laden aisles without bumping shoulders. And, good golly, the line for a free slice of doughy goodness at Great Harvest Breads was only two people strong. (Bread fans: You can get Great Harvest throughout the year at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park.)

The annual weekly market, which began July 2, is gone, and with it a sense that another small chapter in the book of our lives has been read. On the other hand, it's October now, and we turn away from summer to greet fall and the wonders that accompany it, including fall and harvest festivals.

Before you know it, it'll be May and time for the bounty of the smaller version of the summer market: the Edmonds Museum Garden Market.


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