The Advent of a New Tradition at Revelations Yogurt in Edmonds

The downtown hot spot displays a wall-sized Advent calendar this year and encourages customers to stop by and help with the daily reveal.

We all remember the Advent calendars of our youth-the corrugated cardboard, the aging, tasteless chocolate and the brief aphorism behind every tiny paper flap. As silly as they may seem now to our more adult selves, I for one was beyond excited to wake up every morning and open the next square.

It was probably more for the tasteless chocolate (sweets before noon were a big deal), but there was always something magical about the wintery scene that was slowly unveiled with each passing day.

Fast-forward to the present and replace chocolate with yogurt. Well, kind of. , Edmonds' newest treat shop, has taken the age-old tradition of the Advent calendar, blown it up and displayed it on a wall. 

"Usually we have bright flowers and summery stuff on this wall," said co-owner Debbie Duvall, gesturing above a row of tables where a wintry tableau spread across the wall. "I wanted this place to be transformed for the holidays." 

At the suggestion of local artist Jill Nunemaker, Duvall and company embraced the idea of the Advent calendar. Nunemaker went to Madrona School and asked students what most reminded them of the holiday season. The result includes a reindeer, a snowman, candy canes and gingerbread cookies. Duvall's dogs, Sophie and Andy, even made it into the mural: One is hiding behind a tree and the other has a festive red bow around its neck.

"Every day at 5 we have a local kid come in and take down a piece," Duvall said. "It's been really fun to watch the kids get so excited about it. Two little kids even brought me toffee when it was their turn. They knew right where their piece was!" 

The final pieces will come down on Christmas Eve, and Duvall and her family plan to work the shop that day and have a little celebration with hot chocolate and hors d'ouvres. There will also be karaoke on a newly installed karaoke machine. 

"One mom told me they were planning to have to drive all the way downtown to look at lights and celebrate," Duvall said, "but when she heard that we were having a celebration, they decided to come to that instead. We hope this becomes a new Edmonds tradition."


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