Sunergize Edmonds Solar U workshop series and group solar discount comes to Edmonds!

Sunergize Edmonds will begin its Solar U solar educational series and group solar discount program this Saturday, March 1st at the Edmonds Conference Center. 

The workshop series which will cover energy and it’s costs, review the State and Federal solar incentives, how solar power works, solar systems design and their installation, group solar buying and the investment benefits of solar power.

The series will be held in the Orchid Room of the Edmonds Conference Center located at 201 Fourth Ave North in Edmonds.  The workshops will be held Saturday March 1st, Saturday, April 19th, and Wednesday, May 7th.

The Sunergize Edmonds Program runs through May 31st, 2014.  Detailed workshop schedule and registration available at www.solar-u.com.


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